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    If you want a new accessory that will transform your photography, but crucially won’t break the bank, then you need to add lens filters to your wish list. Although they are often overlooked when it comes to furnishing a kit bag, a filter will open up new avenues of photography and act as a gateway to a wide range of artistic and image-enhancing effects.


    Audrey Stryker, M.D., doesn’t sleep. “I’ll sleep when I die,” she often quips to photographer Nichol Krupp, who’s joined the obstetrician and gynecologist on medical aid trips to Haiti. There, says Krupp, Stryker is “constantly giving, giving, giving.” In 2009, Stryker founded the International Women & Infant Sustainable Healthcare (IWISH) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable health care and health care education to women and children in Haiti.


    People never tire of beautiful macro images of bugs and flowers, but once in a while it’s fun to branch out and photograph something that’s far from a typical macro subject. Shooting an arty portrait like this is a very different process to shooting a standard macro shot. For a start, in macro photography it’s common to use a small aperture of f/16 to keep your zone of sharp focus as large as possible, but this shot is all about doing the exact opposite. Using an aperture of f/2.8 will give you a wafer-thin slice of sharpness, so you’ll have to be really precise with your focusing – but the results will be worth it!


    Videogames and cinema are merging. Interactive experiences and straight-up Hollywood blockbusters still have their differences, but they both share one vital part - one part that’s at the middle of every good story that’s ever been told: the characters. 3D Artist goes beneath the skin with Remedy Entertainment, DI4D and Audiomotion to figure out exactly how motion capture is evolving to fit into this new mixed media industry, and how on earth you make digital doubles feel more human.

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